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September 9, 2008

We should open our borders and grant amnesty to all

by Kyle Smith

I’ve been thinking about some of the hot issues in this presidential election, and being a Texan, immigration is a pretty hot topic. I’ve always been completely against opening the borders; I think if they’re here they need to become citizens. But then I hear stories about how much they’re contributing to society and I’ve started to change my mind. Here is a perfect example:

Felix Sandoval worked as a laborer in Martinez, CA. He has a wife and family. He recently had back and knee injuries and was unable to work any longer so he lived off of unemployment. Our great country continues to go in debt to support the misfortunate as we all work vigorously for them.

This past Saturday (Sept. 6) Felix Sandoval seemed to be in good spirits. He played pool with his teenage son in his garage at 9:30 a.m. and then attended his son’s soccer game near downtown Martinez. Soon after, though, the father of three drove his classic Ford Mustang convertible to his wife’s small salon. The first 911 call came in at 11:35 a.m.

Kellie Schramm, 43, of Martinez, said she was getting her hair cut when she heard glass breaking. Sandoval had used his bare hands and arms to bash through the salon’s front window, bloodying himself in the process.

“I turned and he was standing next to me near the back door,” Schramm said. “The gun was in his right hand.”

Simonetti said Sandoval told his daughter that he was going to kill her mother and made comments about killing her and his other children – then climbed stairs to the apartment where Torres had fled. It appears he then kicked and shot the apartment door to get it open.

Leong, a K-9 officer, was the first to arrive at 11:37 a.m., Simonetti said. He heard gunfire. He left his dog in his car but grabbed his MP5 submachine gun.

Officer Paul Starzyk pulled up a minute later and grabbed his own AR-15 semiautomatic rifle.

“They decided that they have what we call an ‘active shooter’-type situation,” the chief said. “We have someone that’s doing harm and we need to stop it.”

All of a sudden, Simonetti said, a hand and revolver came from behind the door. Both Starzyk and Leong returned fire until the hand disappeared.

Struck twice, Starzyk fell, leaving Leong to try to drag him to safety, Simonetti said. But Sandoval fired again, the same way, and Leong returned fire again.

Soon, Simonetti said, another K-9 officer, Cpl. Glenn Walkup, arrived and pulled Starzyk out of the way. Then he sent his German shepherd, Enzo, into the apartment – where he found Sandoval and dragged his legs into the doorway.

“Walkup sees the suspect on his back with the gun pointed at the dog,” Simonetti said. “He shoots him twice. The confrontation is over.”

Once inside the apartment, authorities found a 44-year-old woman – the cousin of Sandoval’s estranged wife – dead in the kitchen.

Leong made an “officer down” call at 11:40 a.m., Simonetti said. Officers reported a “code 4” – a secure scene – at 11:41 a.m. The whole encounter had lasted six minutes.

After reading this story I really changed my mind on immigration. We should really let more people like Sandoval into our country; it’s the right thing to do. This really happened this weekend and I encourage you to read the full story here.

Also, after having our baby last November, I also found out that many undocumented immigrants can go and have a baby at nearly no cost. I mean it’s only fair for them, why cut my wife and I a break? All we do is work, obtain health insurance, pay taxes, etc. But I do realize they are God’s children just like me and they’re just here trying to make a living. But there is absolutely no incentive in America anymore to do good, or to try. When you’re giving free handouts left and right, why would anyone get a job? Why do I have a job? So let’s open up those borders…