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May 7, 2009

I’m so 3000 and 8, you so 2000 and late…

by Kyle Smith

Or I guess I should say, “I’m finally 2009″…

After two years of refusing to pay the astronomical prices for internet, I finally caved. Now that Nicole is home and has to take care of unemployment online, apply for jobs online, and stay connected with the outside world we decided it was time for internet at the house.

For the past year we’ve lived on our phones as they were our only access to internet (away from work). So I made the call to AT&T this evening and had them downgrade us back to flip phones and managed to cut our bill in half! This left room in the budget for internet at the house and we’re still saving money each month. So we went with the wireless broadband from Verizon Wireless. So far we’ve had it one night, but it seems to connect great. We have 30 days to decided if we really like it or not.

So now with internet @ home, I should be able to keep this updated much easier. But not as easy as it was for the newspaper business to slowly put itself out of business…….pay close attention around 1:00 minute…”we’re not in it to make money. we’re probably not going to lose a lot, but we’re not going to make much either.” hahaha wow, you’ve gotta see this video.