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February 28, 2007

IN-CLASS 5 – You Tube

by Kyle Smith

I think that New Media is taking what we have and merging it into the new technology of today. It is up to the print and broadcast media to utilize digital technology, i.e., using computers and cell phones. For broadcast/print journalism, it means that they now have to start utilizing the web. The big deal with this is being the first. A newspaper should want to become the standard that everyone goes to for the latest news. Now people just go to Google for their news, they do not really care where it comes from but they do know that they will use the search engine to find the information they need. I think that this has hurt the news media tremendously. The papers and news stations were so slow to react to the new technologies that search engines have replaced them. However, the thing to remember is that newspaper journalists are the ones writing the news.

Radio news is almost obsolete, TV journalists are not “on the beat” like they used to be so all that is left are the newspaper journalists. The key is for the new journalists is to be aware of the New Media and to utilize it.

February 21, 2007


by Kyle Smith

CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, a new feature being added to HTML that gives both Web site developers and users more control over how pages are displayed. With CSS, designers and users can create style sheets that define how different elements, such as headers and links, appear. These Style Sheets can then be applied to any Web page. I just re-did my website using CSS to format the entire site. Check it out

February 14, 2007

my favorite web designs…

by Kyle Smith

the sites I think are cool are,

that’s it….

February 7, 2007

Blog news

by Kyle Smith

One trend in New Media right now is journalists and blogs. Instead of going to a newspaper site some people just go to individual blogs that report the news. The great thing about this is that it is immediate, so you can get the most up to date information. Here’s a site that is basically a search engine for all news blogs…