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May 26, 2008

To keep or not to keep…

by Kyle Smith

Sorry for the long gap in posts its been crazy lately. A quick update on my last post: last I spoke with mom she’s doing great and pretty much just waiting in the incisions to heal. Thanks for all the prayers!

Now getting to the title of the post…To keep or not to keep. Early last week i noticed a small black animal on our front poarch but was on my way to work and didn’t have time to investigate. I didn’t see it again for a few days. Then Friday was trash day and a brown dog got in our trash. When i got home @ noon (hooray for summer hours) our trash was all over the place. When i walked up to the dog she scurried away under our drive way into the sewage pipe. When i peered in there she had a friend with her. It was the black dog from earlier ing the week. So i got some bread and threw it in the yard to distract them while i cleaned up all the trash.

After an hour of cleaning all .72 acres i turned my attention to the pups. It was obvious they hadn’t eaten in days so i felt bad and decided to feed them some more. I gave them some slices of bolongna and a big bowl of captain crunch (it was all we had). After those lasted .000132 seconds they turned to me for more. But that was all i had (or at least was willing to give at this point). So i put a big bowl of water out on the poarch, and they never left.

They stuck around all day friday, sat, & sunday. And that’s when we decided maybe we would keep them. We don’t have a fence so i bought stakes and long leashes for them. They didn’t have collars so i bought those along with a big ole bag of puppy chow. So it looks like we have two puppies.

We’re pretty sure they’re labs (atleast i am, nicole’s still not too sure). You can still see their ribs but they’re slowly plumping up. The photo is from the first day they were here so they look pretty rough. (sent from blackjack)

April 29, 2008

Home sweet home…

by Kyle Smith

Well as many of you know we have moved into our new house. We’re not completely unpacked, but we’re moved in. Speaking of moving in, this move was the greatest experience of my entire life; in fact, it changed my entire outlook on life. I realized that over the past years I had been wasting my time and effort on such frivolous things such as picking up boxes, carrying couches, lifting mattresses, taking apart beds, etc. This time I had the revelation of hiring movers, and let me just tell ya, “It’s WORTH it!!” We were moved out of our second story apartment and into our new house (which is about 45 minutes to an hour drive from our apt.) in less than 4 hours. It cost about double what it would be to rent a Budget truck and do all the work yourself, except when you do it yourself it takes all day and you can’t stop sweating for a week after the move. So 3 Men Movers, BRAVO! They did such a great job, nothing was damaged. I don’t think I’ll ever move again without hiring movers. Of course, I hope it’s a really, really, really, really, really, really, really long time before we move. Our insurance agent needed some exterior photos of the house so I’ll share some of them with ya (interior photos are coming) …

April 8, 2008

Has the housing market crashed?

by Kyle Smith

Well in our case, no. We are scheduled to close on our house this Friday at 3 p.m. With the market doing so many crazy things it looks like we’re getting it just in time. We really got lucky with this house because it’s a brand new build, sits on .72 acres, and was in our price range! We hope to start moving asap, but we still have the apartment until the end of May so we’re not in too big of a hurry to move everything all at once. Once we get settled in feel free to visit, or if you just cant wait feel free to help us move! Here are some photos I took on my cell phone of the house before it was finished…