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November 30, 2007

I can’t wait to hold you in my arms…

by Kyle Smith

I was going to write a post about how today has been but I think an email I sent sums it up best:

Well today was probably the most stressful day of my life. I just want to hold my son. I pretty much balled my eyes out when they were transporting him to Texas Children’s. It’s been a day full of tears. But we know he’s getting the best care in the nation. But I just want to pick him up and give him a big kiss. I kissed him on the hand tonight but he has so many tubes and wires around his head that I can’t get to his forehead. Nicole’s pretty upset too, I think it really hit us tonight when we went and sat with him. We just feel so helpless. We’ve been really encouraged from all the prayer and support from everyone. Pastor Dale stopped by today and it really meant a lot. I can’t sleep because every time I close my eyes I just keep picturing Jackson with all the tubes and my heart breaks. I honestly can’t stop crying. We’re at peace about it but I just can’t stop crying. The blog had 86 visitors today! It might not seem like a big deal but to know that many people are thinking about us really encourages us (especially because that doesn’t include all the people praying for us that aren’t reading the blog or really even know us). Tell everyone that we honestly can feel their prayers and words can’t express how grateful we are for all the support.

Kyle, Nicole and Jackson

November 29, 2007

Jackson’s @ Texas Children’s Hospital…

by Kyle Smith

Well at exactly 11:51 a.m. Jackson made the switch from Methodist to Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH). They put a CPAP on him, which is just air blowing in his nose. The doctor said it’s like holding your head out a car window going 60mph. Sounds kinda fun, but not for him. They’re gonna see if the CPAP is all he needs and if it’s not they’ll put a tube in his lungs and pump surfactant directly into the lungs (yea, sounds like I know what i’m talking about but really i’m butchering a vary eloquent explanation from the doctor). We’re waiting on Nicole’s doctor to come check on her and then we’re heading over to TCH for a visit.

November 29, 2007

Texas Children’s…

by Kyle Smith

Well Nicole’s blood pressure finally has started to drop, I guess 140/80 is low…NOT. But compared to her 166/110 it’s awesome!! We’re staying one more night so the doctor can monitor her and make sure her bp is going to stay down.

I just went down to see Jackson, they say that from 36-48 hrs. the babies peak at their worst. So he’s definitely peaking 😦 The oxygen level they’re having to keep in at right now is 40% and they told me that’s usually when they make the decision to send them to Texas Children’s Hospital. It’s kinda bitter sweet, on one hand he’s not getting better and we can’t take him home but he’s going to one of the top hospitals in the nation so we’re not too worried about him getting better. Just pray, pray, pray for him!!! More info coming this afternoon/evening…

November 29, 2007

Jackson Photos!

by Kyle Smith

Well here’s some photos of the past 48 hrs (hover over the images for a description):

November 28, 2007

Jackson Cole Smith:UPDATE

by Kyle Smith

We just got back from visiting Jackson and he’s seems to be doing a lot better. They’ve lowered the amount of oxygen in his hood b/c he is breathing better. They have him at 30% today compared to yesterday’s 34% (to give you an idea room air is 21%). So he still needs a little boost but he’s not grunting near as much today. He looked so relaxed and peaceful. Yesterday he seemed a little uneasy but today he was just chillin’, relaxin’, playin’ some b-ball outside of school, when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood…(sorry for that flash back, you all know the rest of the song). But anyways, he’s getting better, I’m gonna try to get a photo of him in his bed. You can’t use a flash and I only have a point-and-shoot so we’ll see how it goes…but more photos to come (once i get a USB cable)…

November 28, 2007

Jackson Cole Smith

by Kyle Smith

At 3:53 p.m. Nicole and I became the proud parents of Jackson Cole Smith. He was born at 36 weeks, weighing in at 5 lbs. 8.6 ounces and is 18.75 inches long. I’ll be the first to admit that I always think photos of new born babies (I’m talking fresh out of the oven and haven’t even made it to the plate yet) are a little gross. But today that changed, I don’t care what was all over him I thought he was the most beautiful thing in the entire world! I’ll also admit that a cried when his little head popped out.

Since Jackson was born @ 36 weeks he’s considered preemie and with that comes a little complications. He’s having a little trouble breathing regularly and as the doctors called it “grunting”. It sounds a lot like someone having an asthma attack, you can tell he’s breathing but he’s having to really work at it. Since he needs special attention (he takes after his mom) he has to stay in the NICU, which means he can’t come visit us. But it’s cool, we can visit him 24/7.

When we do visit him I feel like we’re being allowed into some top-secret government project. First you come to two large doors with “DO NOT ENTER. AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” and must ring a bell. At this time they take a look at you through the cameras and if they don’t recognize you they question who you are and you must prove your one of the parents. Once they let you into the staging area you must enter a room to the right where you scrub in just like on TV. Once you complete the 3 minute scrub you can then enter back into the staging area. Once you’re back in the staging area you must then put on a gown over your clothes. Now that your properly sterile and dressed you can enter through the next set of double doors. That’s when we get to the best part, seeing my son.

I’m not gonna lie, it kinda freaked me out that my little boy, 3 hrs. of age, was all taped up and under a hood. And quite frankly, I still am. I know that they handle babies that are in way worse condition, but it’s my kid now, and it’s very real to me. The poor guy just sounds like he’s having the hardest time breathing. And since he can’t be put under a lot of stress we can’t hold him. Please join my family in prayer that he has a quick recovery and will be able to go home soon! More photos and updates to come…

November 27, 2007

Kid on the way…part 2

by Kyle Smith

Well it’s official, I’m at the hospital awaiting the arrival of Jackson Cole Smith. The doctor induced labor last night and expects the baby to be here by this evening. I was able to venture down to the Market Place (fancy term for the cafeteria around here) and to my surprise they had sushi!! I couldn’t believe it. So for $12.82 I enjoyed a California roll, two spring rolls and a sea weed salad. Unfortunately for Nicole, she’s on a strict ice-only diet so I ate quietly in the corner. Oh yea, and the one thing I forgot to pack……THE CAMERA!!! So I’m leaving it up to the .00001 mega pixel camera on the phone…I think the parents are bringing one for me. I’m a wreck, but it’s a good thing cuz I’m about to become a dad!

November 26, 2007

Kid on the way…

by Kyle Smith

Well, we’re going to what should be our last doctor visit today before the baby is born. We’re for sure having him next week, possibly this week. Last week we went to the docs on Wednesday and due to some test results we ended up spending Thanksgiving at home eating frozen dinners (you know, the kind that you have to cut a slit in the plastic when you cook it). Thankfully our parents brought us leftovers so we still got our Thanksgiving fix.

But hey, the baby and wife are healthy and that’s all that matters. It really helped me understand Thanksgiving this year. I was pretty upset at first about missing all the family fun and food that we usually partake in but then I realized what I’m truly thankful for, my family. And I mean MY family equaling my wife and soon to be son. Not that I’m knocking our parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc…. But I have my family now and I got to spend Thanksgiving with them and I couldn’t have asked for a better holiday.

But back to the baby, hopefully he’ll decide to keep cooking for another week but who knows, I just might become a dad today (wow that was weird seeing it typed out like that). I have a feeling this blog will become the Jackson Cole show once he’s born, but who cares that’s what blogs are for right?

November 20, 2007

Christmas time…wait it’s not even Thanksgiving yet…

by Kyle Smith

As many of you know, my wife and I are expecting a baby in December. With this pregnancy being pretty unpredictable (like any of them are) we decided to put the tree up early this year just in case we have the little guy early and then never get a chance to put up the tree. Last year we bought a pre-lit tree from Wal-Mart for like $30 and it definitely looked like a $30 tree, Charlie Brown’s looked like the one in Times Square compared to this one…but we loved it because it was our first Christmas tree to own as a married couple. So after last Christmas we went to Target for all the after-Chrismas sales, and there it was, 7.5 feet of pure Christmas magic. It was normally some ridiculous price, $200+, that we got for $60. So we scooped it up and took it home, only we forgot that we were in Texarkana and we were also in my Mazda (let’s just say the trip home was pretty tight). Needless to say we couldn’t wait to break it out this year.

So Sunday night we busted it loose. We cleared out the corner of the living room where we planned to put the tree. I put together the base and then plopped in the bottom third. As I began to flatten out the branches we quickly realized we had purchased a beast of a tree and our apartment walls might not be able to contain it’s Christmas girth. So we decided to move it to the dining room where it now takes up the whole room (not that it was that big to begin with but seriously this tree was not intended for apartments).

Now we sit at night with sunglasses on while watching television because of the small sun standing tall in the dining room. But hey it’s a pretty sweet tree if I don’t say so myself… but you can be the judge…

(for the photogs: f/3.5 @ 1/50sec. ISO1600)
November 14, 2007

Houston drivers…no survivors…

by Kyle Smith

Disclaimer: This is an accurate, distorted recollection of events from today. These events angered me and therefore my recollection reflects this. Also note, when I told everyone in the office about this I tried to stay as politically censured (i mean correct) and that I may not be as nice in this post, but I’ll do my best. Disclaimer to the disclaimer: I may have used choice language and hand gestures during these events and therefore will try to refrain from letting them slip into this post, but no promises…

What you are about to read happened between the hours of 11:00a.m and 12:00p.m, Wednesday, November 14.

After enjoying a scrumptious International Brunch at the San Jacinto College North campus I headed back to the office to study my findings (by findings I mean photographs and by study I mean look at). I was already a little unsettled because the camera battery died in the middle of the event I was covering just minutes before departure. “But it’s all good,” I told myself (yea that’s right it’s prefectly healthy to talk to yourself, especially in stressful situations) I get to go back to the office and say “what up” to all my peeps (and by “what up” I mean talk).

So I’m driving down Wallisville (pronounced wall-is-vuhl) heading to the beltway, I’ve got the radio cranked with the Postal Service and everything seems to be aligning back into place again. I approach the intersection of Wallisville and Beltway 8. I click turn signal on to let others know I will be making a right hand turn. The light turns yellow upon approach so I slow. The light turns red, I stop (and I’m at the front of the line, which always makes me happy). Our light turns green again (the traffic was too heavey to make a right on red) and I make the right turn onto the feeder of the Beltway. I’m no more than 5 feet onto the road before some pleasant driver decides they’re in too big of a hurry to look both ways and completely cuts me off. I SLAM! on my breaks to avoid hitting this drain to society and barely avoid hitting him (I’m talkin inches here people). But I think no problem he’ll speed up because he’s obviously in some HUGE hurry. The bloke proceeds to drive 10mph, that’s right 10mph, down the feeder, now I’ve only got maybe 200 feet to cross all 3 lanes to make it to the entrance ramp so I’m trapped! Everyone is wizzing past me and I can’t gain enough speed to even make the car change directions.

I glance in my side mirror and see my chance, there were about 2 car lengths between a Ford pickup and some ghetto mobile that I could sqeeze into. Just as I go to make my move, hombre cuts me off again and sqeezes into the gap with me. (now up until this point i was pissed off, but now I’m #$@%&#$%*# MAD! I was also not keeping a safe distance from this chap (I had to let him know he made a mistake and it was obvious there wasn’t enough room for him to be on the road yet)) So I polietly LAY on the horn and let this gentleman understand my discontent with his actions. I glance again in the side mirror and there’s no one in the far left lane, which is where I need to be inorder to make it on the freeway. Well this fella cuts e off again for the third time (fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me the third time and I’m kicking your $%$^#&) So I tap (and my tap i mean drive my fist through the Mazada emblem on the stering wheel) the horn to let this guy know I’m really growing impatient. So instead of speeding up and entering the freeway, he just slams on his breaks and puts the car in PARK! (OMG Seriously can this guy get anymore annoying, I pondered as I simultaniously, almost instinctly, rolled down my window and waved my fist and one finger at him (sorry mom))

Then he answered my question. His door swings open and out steps Mr. White Trash America. (I was actually kinda proud of him because he had shoes on) And I’m just thinking to myself, “This guy can’t be serious. What do I have in the car I can pummel him with. If I run over him would I go to jail. If I only would have stopped and used the rest room back at the college I would have missed this bozo. If he strikes me first, it’s considered self defense, right?!??!?!”

Lucky for him, or maybe me, a Harris County Sherriff pulls up behind me (I’m assuming he had been watching from the same parking lot Al Bundy just pulled out from). When Joe Dirt sees the officer approaching he leaps in his vehicle and scurries down the feeder, the cop follows and I finally make it onto the freeway. Sadly I didn’t get to see what happened between the cockroach and the exterminator but I’m sure I’ll see the high speed chase (topping out at 10mph) on the 6 o’clock news tonight.

I wonder what would have happend if Deputy Dan wouldn’t have shown up…