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March 12, 2010

Wakin’ up in vegas…

by Kyle Smith

Well tomorrow we leave for our trip to Las Vegas. It’s kinda funny, half of me already wants to be there and the other half doesn’t want it to get here so quickly b/c then it’ll all be over…oh well. I guess it’s really not too bad of a problem to have. What I’m most nervous about is getting to the airport on time. Nicole doesn’t get out of her clinicals at St. Lukes unitl 2 p.m. and our flight leaves at 4:30 p.m. so it’ll be cuttin it close. But once we get on that airplane all the worries will be forgotten…at least until we return on Wed. So enjoy your spring break!!

ps – i might update from vegas depending on how ambitious i’m feeling…maybe some photos…

November 24, 2008

We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday!!

by Kyle Smith

This past weekend we celebrated Jackson’s first birthday. Though his actual birthday is Nov. 27, which falls on turkey day this year, we celebrated it on Nov. 22 to give him his own special day. What I find rather odd is that both of my parents share their birthday’s with national holidays as well. My mom’s lands on the day after Christmas and my dad’s in on Halloween, so I guess Jackson was just sticking with tradition being born so close to Thanksgiving.
His party was a blast and thanks to everyone who made the trek out to our house and for all the gifts!

March 4, 2008

March forth into the future…

by Kyle Smith

Well, it’s that time of the year again where I get older. They (well actually Amanda) decorated my desk at work. It was great! I knew it had to be her because the decorations were so festive and over the top, and there’s really only one person in our office to take it to that caliber.

Today is also election day so VOTE!! It’s actually quite fitting for it to fall on such a commanding day, March 4th.

So vote today and help our country “March Forth,” on March 4th, into the future…

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas…

by Kyle Smith
Merry Christmas from the Smith’s…