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October 29, 2007

Trinity Football 60sec. play…

by Kyle Smith

You know when you watch a football game and the losing team tries the lateral as a last ditch effort, and you think to yourself, “Why bother, just end the game already?” Well here’s a clip that proves us all wrong…

October 25, 2007

CSS rant…

by Kyle Smith

Well as I’m creating my churches new worship ministry site I’m slowly realizing that all the different browsers hate me and hate each other. I think it’s freakin ridiculous that just getting the colors to appear appropriately between browsers takes an act of congress. Why even bother with colors if everyone who’s using Safari, Firefox, IE, etc. is going to see a different thing? Also, why can’t all the browsers get up to speed? Firefox should be the only browser allowed, period. IE should never, ever, ever, never, ever be used. Sure Safari just upgraded and it now performs at ridiculous speeds, but why can’t they just all work together? CSS is supposed to allow you to do so much more than the previous method of tables, but honestly I just might start designing from tables. I have to find so many hacks to get the site to work on the million different browser out there that now I don’t even know what I’m trying to get the site to look like. Bottom line, all browsers need to follow the same standards (firefox being the standard), they need to support CSS3 and they need to not suck so bad. Ok, I feel better now.

October 15, 2007

New ventures…

by Kyle Smith

Well just as I was trying to get out of doing photography on the side, I agreed to do some baby portraits. And I’m glad I did. I’m sure like most photographers, or really anyone else, you reach a point of mundane-ness (not sure if that’s a word). I’ve been doing weddings for almost 1.5 years now and they just are really boring/stressful. Engagement shoots and bridal sessions are fun, but even those get monotonous. Then there are baby pictures. You can’t really pose the kids to save your life and they don’t look like a frozen statue waiting to be photographed. You really get their raw emotion and innocence. And that’s what drew me into photography in the first place. I could care less how skinny, wrinkled, goofy or whatever people always find wrong with themselves…all I care about is that they’re true self is captured and that’s where babies make me happy.
On another note, I’m slowly getting closer to creating my church’s worship site. The end is getting closer I can taste it…

October 9, 2007


by Kyle Smith

Well, I’ve finally started trying to learn flash…again. I started trying to learn it my last year of college but moving to Houston kinda hindered that. Now that we are in H-town we don’t have internet so I can’t play on the internet with the new mac and have decided to learn flash instead. So here’s my first flash animation thingy …

I also downloaded some new brushes for photoshop to make the background. (and I’m not sure why my links are displaying kinda weird, I’m working on the fix)

October 5, 2007

The trouble with life is there’s no background music.

by Kyle Smith

My wife sent me a list of one liners, here’s a highlight reel (kinda lengthy but worth it):

  • Borrow money from pessimists – they don’t expect it back.
  • If man evolved from apes why do we still have apes?
  • Two rights do not make a wrong, they make an airplane.
  • We have enough youth: how about a fountain of “smart”?
  • Everybody repeat after me: “We are all individuals.”
  • If Helen Keller had ESP, would you say she had a fourth sense?
  • If a mute kid swears does his mother wash his hands with soap?
  • Take everything in moderation. Including moderation.
  • There are two rules for success: 1.) Don’t tell all you know.
  • If #2 pencils are the most popular, are they still #2?
  • I used to be a lifeguard, but some blue kid got me fired.
  • Follow your dreams, except for that one where you’re naked at work.
  • All I ask is a chance to prove money can’t make me happy.
  • Wear a watch and you’ll always know what time it is. Wear two watches and you’ll never be sure.
  • Is Marx’s tomb a communist plot?
  • Birthdays are good for you – the more you have the longer you live.
  • Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than putting it back in.
  • In an argument, a woman always has the last word. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.
  • If you’re cross-eyed and have dyslexia, can you see perfectly?
  • I’m busier than a one-toothed man in a corn-on-the-cob eating contest.
  • The statement following is true. The statement prior is false.
  • To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.
  • Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life.
  • If a man stands in the middle of the forest speaking and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?
  • Welcome to Utah: set your watch back 20 years.
  • I’d kill for a Nobel Peace prize.

Well I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. I’ll post more soon… (yea that right there’s more. can you believe it?)

October 1, 2007

The killer bee has left the hive….

by Kyle Smith

A hometown hero said his final goodbyes last night as he ended his 20 year stint as an Astro. Craig Biggio doubled in his first at bat and scored his final run as an Astro Sunday night as the ‘Stros beat the Braves 3-0 (I know, pretty shocking).

I don’t have a single memory of the Astros that doesn’t include Biggio. As a young buck, which I guess technically I still am, my friend and I would arrive early to every ‘Stros game to shag balls in the general admission seats during batting practice. Our favorites were Biggio and Bagwell because they would typically be the ones hitting it that far. We constructed a baseball “fetcher” to snag balls from the flowers that lined the outfield in the Astrodome. It was originally a golf ball retriever but we just put a larger scoop on the end to accommodate the larger size of the baseballs.

He’ll be missed in Houston, especially the way the ‘stros have been playing lately… but at least we have the Texans…wait….they’re not any better….let me try that again….but at least we have the Dynamo!!