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December 29, 2008

Missed by THAT much…

by Kyle Smith

Today I was transporting my camera from the living room to the bedroom, per request of my wife, to get it out of harms way. And harms way being Jackson. So I did.
Well as I transfered the camera from one hand to another it slip right through my fingers. Typically I’m not such a butter fingers but I was trying to hurry and take a shower before the in-laws came over.
As my camera was plunging to the ground I made one last attempt to save it but this 23 year old body doesn’t move as fast as it used to and as Maxwell Smart would say, "I missed by THAT much."
The lens smashed square on the nose and CRUNCHED to it’s death. At first I thought it was just all noise, but the I realized I couldn’t get the lens cap off b/c it was smashed into the lens. Then as I rotated the focus ring, I saw it. I saw my wedding ring glistening through the other side of the lens, glistening through what should be a black focus ring but instead is now a lovely 1/4 inch crack that allows the ring to move freely about the cabin.
Needless to say, I no longer have a lens, that was my only one..

December 2, 2008

Watch your step!

by Kyle Smith

Sometimes the news will just come out of no where and slap you in the face…