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July 24, 2008

College Humor

by Kyle Smith

So I stumbled across this site the other day called College Humor. Though there is some not so great stuff on there, you really can find some funny videos. I like youtube, but there’s just so much crap on it that sometimes it’s hard to find anything worth watching. So here are some funny videos I’ve found on College Humor…

July 22, 2008


by Kyle Smith

I stumbled across some photos from college. Some are from my photojournalism classes, and some were just for fun. Actually, this slide show has all the elements in it that have made me who I am today as a husband, dad and photographer. Some of the elements are more subtle that others but if you pay attention they’re all there. The photos scroll pretty fast but you can stop the slide show for more of a leisurely viewing experience…enjoy…

July 15, 2008


by Kyle Smith

So the wife and I were sitting around this weekend discussing who knows what and she briefly mentioned a recent convo she had at work. Now before I start this blog, I want everyone to know that I love my wife and in no way question her mental abilities. With that said, the post about the barracuda begins…

As I mentioned earlier, Nicole and I were sitting in our living room talking about funny stories, or something like that, when she mentioned discussing a barracuda at work. Apparently someone had made mention to a barracuda and my lovely wife then responded with this, “A barracuda, now is that a fish or a small coyote-like creature?”

Now up until this point in our conversation I was paying attention, but I was also watching whatever it was on TV. But when those words left her mouth, all attention was focused on her.

“What was that, I don’t think I understood you,” I replied.

“I asked them if a barracuda was a fish or a small coyote-like creature,” she said.

“I was afraid that was what you said. Are you really being serious?” I questioned.

“Well yea, I mean I know now that it’s a fish, but for some reason even now I still think it sounds like some coyote-like creature,” she responded. “Barracuda,” she said as she envisioned some crazy animal that resembles a coyote.

“Please tell me people laughed at this response,” I said.

“Well yea of course,” she said.

“But tell me it was more of a ‘Holy crap are you really asking that’ than ‘Oh Nicole you’re so funny’ type laugh,” I said.

“Oh don’t worry I’m sure that it was ‘Holy crap are you really asking that’,” she said.

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. And I nearly started crying. I honestly couldn’t believe she was asking those types of questions out loud. Now again, I’m really not trying to be mean, I just sometimes wonder what is going on in that beautiful head of hers. And honestly it’s these conversations that I love about her. I can say that she never ceases to amaze me, and she never ceases to crack me up!

When we were dating, Nicole watched the show The Nanny. You know the one with the nanny with the really annoying laugh. Well there was a quote on there that I have to remind Nicole of quite often… “Just remember, it may make sense in there (pointing to her head), but we’re out here.”

Love you Nicole!

July 8, 2008

Jones Soda label contest

by Kyle Smith

So Jones Soda is having a label contest where they’ll print your photo on their lables. I’ve submitted four photos to the contest. They’re listed below and if you click on the photo it will take you to the page where you can vote for that photo. SO VOTE ALREADY!

July 8, 2008

Jackson Cole, the most interesting baby in the world

by Kyle Smith