June 24, 2010

iPhone 4…

by Kyle Smith

Well, I finally got it! I picked it up @ best buy this morning with no crowds at all. After all the mess I went through online with apple and AT&T, it’s shocking how low key and easy it was to pre order at best buy (granted it was the store in Lake Jackson). And as a matter of fact this post is from my new iPhone, yea!

June 15, 2010

Just give me the iPhone already…

by Kyle Smith

Well, I’ve been trying to get the stupid iPhone 4 all morning. The Apple site seems to do fine until it hits the AT&T part of the process…..ugh. I HATE AT&T. This photo sums up my morning of trying to get the iPhone 4:

June 14, 2010

iPhone 4 added to ATT site?

by Kyle Smith

As I’m browsing ATT’s site this evening @ 10:25 p.m. this keeps happening all over their Wireless section of the site….

Could this be ATT’s updating thier site for the iPhone 4 or just a coincidence? We’ll soon find out….

June 9, 2010

Base jumping under water…

by Kyle Smith

Pretty sweet video. Although, he doesn’t actually reach the bottom, still freakin sweet. Read more about it here….

May 17, 2010

Volcano timelapse….

by Kyle Smith
May 13, 2010

Guns don’t kill people…people kill people…

by Kyle Smith

Now before this all begins just know i support guns, so i don’t want to hear about how great guns are. But do know I’m pissed about redneck joe down the street shootin guns off in backyards.

Now that’s out of the way, let me begin…..

The following takes place between 9:30 – 11 Pm Wednesday, May 12…..

Wednesday's are dog hunting days!

Wednesday's are dog hunting days!

9:30 PM – I’m watching TV, begin to dose off. But trying to stay awake b/c Nicole was on her way home.

9:45 PM – Begin drool phase in my sleep (I’m talking good sleep here)

10 PM – Four shots fired in my back yard….

10:00:005 PM – Burst into living room. Head pounding, i can hear my heart beat in my ears. Vision blurry from my drool-sleep.

10:00:10 PM – Make it to kitchen, see back door is wide open…(immediately think i’ve been robbed)

10:00:11 PM – Race into son’s room. He’s sleeping, nothing is waking him up.

10:00:15 PM – Hear voices outside, go into backyard to see my wife and neighbor talking. No one is screaming, no blood, no sirens. Panic ends.

10:05 PM – Pack, yes pack, of hunting neighbors with flash lights, dogs and guns wandering in and out of my backyard, my neighbors backyard and the 16 foot utility easement behind/still a part of mine and my neighbors yards. (we’ll refer to it as UE from now on, easier and quicker to type)

10:10 PM – My neighbor starts screaming for everyone to get off his property. They say it’s their prperty too b/c it’s the neighborhood easment….neighbor still insists they go else where and to stop shooting guns around his house. Adolescents of the hunters start cussing out neighbor and telling him they’re going to kill him…but thats not the point, i’ve digressed…but also what triggers the events to follow…

10:15 PM – Trying to calm things down, i talk to the pack of hunters, informed that stray dogs are killing all of the their cats (which if they just kept tabs on their cats and didn’t let them wander the neighborhood I’d still be sleeping in a good puddle of drool) Hunters inform me animal control told them to “take care of the animals themselves”. We inform them we’re not too thrilled with them shooting on our property, easement or no easement.

10:20 PM – My neighbor calls cops b/c hunters wont leave his property and for shooting on his property. They claim they’re in the UE.

10:30 PM – Cops show up. Tell us we’re in the county and you can shoot whatever and where ever you want as long as it’s not at a house. And since most of the houses don’t have fences it’s hard to say where private property is. But from what i gathered from the cops, you can honestly shoot on anyones property (grass) and it’s ok. I’m still kinda confused on this. I thought that it’s my private property…

10:40 PM – Still talking to cops. Getting cold and tired. Kinda pissed about the whole easement thing and the fact that people can go shooting guns in our neighborhood according to these 2 cops. Start thinking about how awesome of a sleep I was just awoken from.

10:45 PM – Cops go talk to hunters, neighbor goes in home to write letter to state officials, news stations, brothers, in-laws, home owners association.

11 PM – Go home and begin blogging…

Ok, so here’s everything I see wrong with this:

1.) We’re in a NEIGHBORHOOD, not some 100 acre ranch

2.) Who’s to say these dogs in question (that are getting shot at on this night) are actually stray and the same dogs killing cats. I mean, what if this is actually just someone’s dog that got out for the night!?

3.) If the cats weren’t running amuck, and peeing all over everyones porches, then they wouldn’t be getting eatin up. Heck, I guess I can start shooting at all the ?!@##$%@#$%# cats all over my property.

4.) I have a two year old, and even if you shoot away from my house that bullet could ricochet. It’s freakin’ pitch black at the back of the property, shooting into darkness is STUPID!! Though our lots are .5-.75 acres, we’re still in too close of quarters to be shootin at things going bump in the dark.

5.) The cops could have cared less that people are running around shooting at things. I know it’s legal in the county but c’mon.

I’d love to hear what everyone thinks about this. Can people honestly just go shooting at things even if they’re in my yard? I live in Brazoria County.

Here’s what my wife has to say about it all

“I just realized that the resale value of my house just went down because I offcially have the most white trash people living a few doors down. How do you explain to a potential buyer, “oh don’t be alarmed…Wednesdays are dog-hunting days! And no, those aren’t sailors they are just the hunters foul-mouthed trashy children.” ridiculous. If Jerry Springer made house calls he’d be down the street at their double wide right now. “

May 11, 2010

Technology is a distraction to our democracy…

by Kyle Smith

I was reading a recent Yahoo! tech blog about Obama’s recent commencement speech where he discusses how technology (iPads, iPhones, iPods, Xbox, PS3) is a “…distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation. So all of this is not only putting pressure on you; it’s putting new pressure on our country and on our democracy…”

Now I’ll be the first to say that as a parent you should make your kid put down the controller everynow and then and exercise, read or do something “productive”, but really???? pressure on our democracy? c’mon.

I know what he was doing, he was trying to throw in those catch phrases and hot topics into his “relevant” speech but I think dismissing the Xbox and iPods to a graduating college class might be the wrong audience for that. His hip, current persona is slowly fading and it’s only a matter of time before everyone starts to realize he’s just another middle-aged politician willing to say and promise anything for a vote.

The irony is that he’s saying how much of a distraction all these technological devices are yet, wasn’t he the one throwing a fit about having to give up his blackberry when he took office?? Newsflash…Blackberrys and iPhones are the same…except iPhones blow blackberry outta the water.

And are TV’s next? They’re just as much of a distraction. Laptops. GPS. Blu-Ray players. I guess anything you plug into the wall is a distraction and is putting pressure on our democracy….especially anything the government can’t control the message through…ugh….politics. And why would you take shots at both Microsoft and Apple, he must have stock in Acer…..

March 30, 2010

Spring is here…

by Kyle Smith

Just in time for Easter, spring has decided to show it’s happy little face. Though I did keep Jackson home sick today, he finally started feeling better this afternoon (after 24 hrs of being cooped up in the house) so I took him to the park with my mom and snapped a few photos while we were there (insert shameless plug to my photography biz blog, kylesmithphotography.wordpress.com).

Kyle Smith Photography

Kyle Smith Photography

Moving on…This Easter is a little different than others because I don’t have a “home” church to attend. This is the first time…well, ever that I don’t have a church to call home. I feel like a heathen, hahaha. That really did make me laugh, not sure why. I think I’m finally done throwing my pity party, or whatever it was that I’ve been doing this past year, and I’m aching to find a church. I constantly find myself wanting more, trying to find something to make things better and there’s only one thing that keeps coming back to me, Jesus. Now I’m not going to get preachy, or I might (this is my blog), and I don’t want to sound too cliche (but there’s really no way around it) but I think it really had to take me kicking a screaming (figuratively, of course, maybe, stop accusing me and keep reading) trying to do it on my own to realize that I’m nothing without Jesus. I miss church. I miss my relationship with God. I miss my relationships with other believers (to those that I’m friends with and are believers, obviously I’m not referring to you, you’re not chopped liver and I cherish our relationships). So to sum things up, I.WANT.JESUS.

March 12, 2010

Wakin’ up in vegas…

by Kyle Smith

Well tomorrow we leave for our trip to Las Vegas. It’s kinda funny, half of me already wants to be there and the other half doesn’t want it to get here so quickly b/c then it’ll all be over…oh well. I guess it’s really not too bad of a problem to have. What I’m most nervous about is getting to the airport on time. Nicole doesn’t get out of her clinicals at St. Lukes unitl 2 p.m. and our flight leaves at 4:30 p.m. so it’ll be cuttin it close. But once we get on that airplane all the worries will be forgotten…at least until we return on Wed. So enjoy your spring break!!

ps – i might update from vegas depending on how ambitious i’m feeling…maybe some photos…

February 26, 2010

Does size matter…

by Kyle Smith

Exactly 15 days until we board our flight for…VEGAS!!!!!!!! We’re having our planning meeting with the group this weekend. A few are staying at Ceasars, a few at The Mirage and Nicole and I are staying at the Encore. Nicole and I visited the strip when we went to her brother’s wedding in Vegas but we didn’t really do too much while we were down there. I’ll be curious to see if I can handle the larger crowds, I’m more of a low key sports bar type person, so the strip just sounds outta control for me. It’s funny but I keep comparing it to my church preferences.

Many people enjoy the mega churches and don’t mind just being another face in the crowd, but for me, I want that smaller environment where I can genuinely get involved with the lives of those in my church. I like the slower pace of smaller churches, how much more relaxed everyone is, people noticing that you weren’t there on Sunday, but for others they want the complete opposite.

Something that really took me by surprise is that as Nicole and I have been visiting churches the one we actually have felt the most comfortable at is a big church. When we decided to visit New Hope, I went in expecting to not make it through worship before I was ready to start looking for another church. But this church was different. It was a big church but had the sincerity of a Bible study. Could this mean that I have had big churches pegged wrong all along. Growing up I always had this thought on mega churches, “They’re wanting to grow THEIR church not The Church.” I don’t think this is the case at all at New Hope. Though we haven’t been consistent in attending every Sunday, I’m thinking it’s where we’ll call home for awhile. I’m curious what your experiences, preferences with different churches has been.