iPhone 4…

by Kyle Smith

Well, I finally got it! I picked it up @ best buy this morning with no crowds at all. After all the mess I went through online with apple and AT&T, it’s shocking how low key and easy it was to pre order at best buy (granted it was the store in Lake Jackson). And as a matter of fact this post is from my new iPhone, yea!

One Comment to “iPhone 4…”

  1. YoW! Now I am really jealous. I’m cereal. I have looked at the Apple website video of it and am just freaked out what all this thing can do.

    Is Nicole getting one, so you can do that cool “FaceTime” thing? That is so incredibly cool. When I was a kid, Dick Tracy had that two-way camera/radio/watch and everybody has been waiting for picture fones for 50 years… now you have something with about twice the power of what they sent man to the Moon with in your hand.

    INcredible. Really, congratulations, young fella!

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