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January 9, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action…

by Kyle Smith

Our office is incharge of producing all the publication pieces for the college’s biennial report to the community. With an office of three, we’ve divided up the duties and I’m on the photography/design side of it, mainly all portraits for the publication. I know, no writing!! Well our theme is Texas-y so we were wanting to go with a Texas Monthly feel. I checked out some of the more recent editions from the library and we decided on the October 2008 cover with Matthew McConaughey. We liked the style and colors and figured it’d fit what we’re wanting to achieve.
The next step was to figure out how the shot was lit. We have 3 Alien Bees, a ring flash, two continuous lights, and a reflector to work with. And don’t worry we used every single item. I’m sure we could have achieved the look without using it all, but why not?
Although we didn’t light the photo exactly like the cover and it’s really not very Texas Monthly-ish, the general idea was still there. Here are a few shots from the shoot (I added a vignette to mine, the others are no photoshop):

And here’s a photo of the studio:

As we progress on the project I’ll post more updates…