Marketing at its finest…

by Kyle Smith

After working in marketing for over a year now, I’m slowly realizing that it doesn’t really matter how amazingly creative you are, or how spot on you are with a design or idea. The main thing is how much can you meet the client’s needs, even if that means producing something that makes no sense at all, has no design quality, will never attract or get the point across, and makes you almost embarrassed to claim as your own work. But hey the client knows best, what does marketing know? Now I’m not saying that we produce bad material where I work, but often times the best ideas are squashed with the clients “best” ideas. I think the video explains itself, – Watch more free videos

3 Comments to “Marketing at its finest…”

  1. Hey, can you put a fancy boarder around that video and maybe change that blonde chick in it to a woman of color? The demographics are a bit off. And can you make the buttons at the end bigger and brighter so people know what to do after the video ends?


  2. I have finally calmed down after literally laughing until I was crying and my sides were hurting. This is without a doubt one of the funniest clips I have ever seen. Funny because it is SO TRUE! Some may think this clip exaggerates for the sake of humor, but those of us who work in marketing know it aint no exaggeration. Sometimes I wonder how any of us ever finish any of our projects. And the more clients involved in the process, the more ridiculous it becomes. I’ll never forget how long it took our marketing department to come up with a simple tagline for the College after countless meetings, focus groups, and endless tweaking. And I’m sure that many who signed off on the tagline we finally settled on don’t really like the tagline and they would love to tweak it some more.

  3. I HATE the video for the same reasons rob v, has stated.

    I cried until my sides hurt. The fact that we as trained (not “tamed”) professionals are treated with such disrespect by people who know other stuff is the saddest part of our job(s). We get maybe one project in 50 that go our way without interference.

    Thanks for ruining my day, MrSmith…you are cruel and inhuman.

    So excuse me while i watch it again.

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