5 months already!?!?!

by Kyle Smith

Well today marks exactly 5 months and one day since Jackson was born. I can’t believe it’s already been that long! It’s been a blast and it’s getting more fun every day. Many have been requesting more photos of our little guy so yesterday before I left for my last bridal portrait session I snapped some photos of my two favorite people. Jackson had just finished eating so ignore the goo on him…

3 Comments to “5 months already!?!?!”

  1. That’s a great picture of Nicole and Jackson!! He looks mischievous in a couple of those! Hows the heezie?

  2. wowie! Thata pic of Jackson y Nicole is going in your family portrait portfolio…the one you will show to wealthy architects and attorneys and the like.

    great stuff!

  3. Considering the fears you went through when Jackson was born, it’s so good to see him in such good health. He looks like a little answer to prayer.

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