Web design/development…

by Kyle Smith

Sterling Wood Worship web logoWell as many of you know I like to dabble in web design/development. The more and more I do it, the more and more I realize how hard it is. I’ve been able to fly by the seat of my pants on many sites but that was before I took on my church’s worship site.

In the past, I would simply do what I wanted and the client would like it. This time around, between myself and the peeps at the church; we just can’t decide on something. Now for starters, I’m an amateur web designer so it’s hard for me to produce some of things being requested. I’ve gone through two (#1 , #2) designs so far and I think we’re slowly getting there. So with all that said, here’s the latest design for the site (it’s only the home page and none of the links go anywhere). Let me know any suggestions, PLEASE!

3 Comments to “Web design/development…”

  1. Some observations and/or comments — 1. I suggest trying another font for the word “Sterling” simply because it’s not easy to distinguish the letter “l” from the letter “i” in the word. 2. What is the odd-looking, silver, baseball diamond shaped symbol located at top left? Is it the logo for the Sterling Woods subdivision, or the church’s official logo? It’s something that many people may know little or nothing about. Might be worth considering either giving it less visibility, or perhaps somehow adding a discreet hyperlink that connects to an explanation of the symbol. 3. Adding a “Photos/Videos” portal to the homepage might be a nice touch (that is, providing photos and/or videos of church activities are available). Please don’t think of these comments as criticism. I think the site looks great as is. These are merely my own personal views.

  2. Thanks for the input! I agree the font is distracting and hard to read. And yes the strange shape is the church’s official logo, to get to the worship site you first have to go through the main site so they’ll see the logo there before getting to this site. And photos/videos is a great idea. They’re not completely there yet but when they are I’ll suggest putting things on the web. Thanks again!!

  3. I think you’re brilliant in all you do. But I’m biased. I would like to know what the logo means, though.


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