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March 8, 2008

Web design/development…

by Kyle Smith

Sterling Wood Worship web logoWell as many of you know I like to dabble in web design/development. The more and more I do it, the more and more I realize how hard it is. I’ve been able to fly by the seat of my pants on many sites but that was before I took on my church’s worship site.

In the past, I would simply do what I wanted and the client would like it. This time around, between myself and the peeps at the church; we just can’t decide on something. Now for starters, I’m an amateur web designer so it’s hard for me to produce some of things being requested. I’ve gone through two (#1 , #2) designs so far and I think we’re slowly getting there. So with all that said, here’s the latest design for the site (it’s only the home page and none of the links go anywhere). Let me know any suggestions, PLEASE!