March forth into the future…

by Kyle Smith

Well, it’s that time of the year again where I get older. They (well actually Amanda) decorated my desk at work. It was great! I knew it had to be her because the decorations were so festive and over the top, and there’s really only one person in our office to take it to that caliber.

Today is also election day so VOTE!! It’s actually quite fitting for it to fall on such a commanding day, March 4th.

So vote today and help our country “March Forth,” on March 4th, into the future…

6 Comments to “March forth into the future…”

  1. You have drunk eye syndrome..what’s in that mug?

  2. You might be 1 year older, but you still look just like a San Jacinto College student.

  3. Congrats on your birthday!! I must admit you don’t look your age. Which is a good thing.

    Where are more pictures of the baby?


  4. Best title ever. Hope the birthday was swell.

  5. i don’t get it.

    march fourth? march forth? match forts? math farts?

    how old are you anyhow, you look older than aAron!

  6. Yes, I made the blog!!! SWEET! 🙂

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