by Kyle Smith

Well, Nicole started back at the grind today and we took Jackson to his first day of daycare. Being the photographer I am, I completely forgot the camera!! I really was kinda upset about this, but what can ya do?

I didn’t think it was going to get to me as much as it has (not forgetting the camera, but leaving him at daycare). I feel like such a punk for just dropping him off with these people he doesn’t know. Thankfully Nicole knows pretty much everyone who works there because oddly enough, they all took care of her when she was in daycare.

One good thing about him being at daycare is he’ll probably get on a schedule, FINALLY! It seems like no matter what Nicole and I would do he just wouldn’t get on a schedule. Well I can’t wait to see him tonight, I wish he could talk so I could ask him how it went, haha.

Oh yea, here’s a photo of him in the bath the other day, nothing special except that it’s a picture of him…

3 Comments to “Daycare…”

  1. great shots! day care is a double-edged sword. not as hard on the man, directly. but when it weighs on MOM, then you gotta have some good stuff to say when she gets weepy…all i can say is “good luck, brother”!

    but the pics are great. and you can always re-create the moment. who will know. except us who read this.

    but like i said, who will know… 😀

  2. Great pictures. I spoke with just about everyone who would be taking care of him the night before and they all promised to spoil him rotten. Probably not as rotten as grandma, but a close second. Glad you all survived. It’s hard that first time to leave them.

    Love ya

  3. What do you mean, “Nothing special. Just a photo of him.” Every photo of Jackson is special! As your son, he might become the world’s most photographed kid.

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