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January 18, 2008

Nikon Creative Lighting System…

by Kyle Smith

We’re in the process of combining all of our program brochures into career cluster brochures to correspond with the AchieveTexas Career Clusters. Part of this process is to obtain images to accompany each brochure. Like any other type of photo shoot, lighting is critical (especially if your shooting indoors with those nasty florescent lights). So what myself and the other writer/photographer (Rob) decided to do was to take full advantage of the Nikon creative lighting system. We have a decent Novatron system but it’s so bulky to take out every time we need some stock photos.
Our set-up consists of a Nikon D80 set to commander mode, a SB-800 set to remote on a tripod, a SB-600 set to remote being held by either myself or Rob (depends on who’s doing the shooting). We will typically use the SB-600 as a hair light and the SB-800 as a fill light. The nice part about the D80 is when you’re in commander mode you can set the on-camera flash to fire but not effect the lighting (it sends out the signal to the remote units and then they fire along with the shutter). We’re still perfecting this method but here’s what we’ve done the past two days for the Physical Therapy Assistant and Respiratory Care programs… (the last image I left the SB-600 w/ softbox in the image)…