CSS rant…

by Kyle Smith

Well as I’m creating my churches new worship ministry site I’m slowly realizing that all the different browsers hate me and hate each other. I think it’s freakin ridiculous that just getting the colors to appear appropriately between browsers takes an act of congress. Why even bother with colors if everyone who’s using Safari, Firefox, IE, etc. is going to see a different thing? Also, why can’t all the browsers get up to speed? Firefox should be the only browser allowed, period. IE should never, ever, ever, never, ever be used. Sure Safari just upgraded and it now performs at ridiculous speeds, but why can’t they just all work together? CSS is supposed to allow you to do so much more than the previous method of tables, but honestly I just might start designing from tables. I have to find so many hacks to get the site to work on the million different browser out there that now I don’t even know what I’m trying to get the site to look like. Bottom line, all browsers need to follow the same standards (firefox being the standard), they need to support CSS3 and they need to not suck so bad. Ok, I feel better now.

2 Comments to “CSS rant…”

  1. why you so angry mr. photo? me hope you no treat anybody so bad as poor mr. gates and his little browser. shame on you.

  2. “…I just might start designing from tables…” blasphemy! If you’re not using a browser reset css file, I’d try that. It helps you get on a more level playing field.

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