First Podcast attempt

by Kyle Smith

This is my first podcast made on the new mac. It’s not your typical podcast, more of an audio slide show. I made the music in garage band and added photos to the artwork track. The pics are ones I’ve taken over the past year or so. Enjoy…

4 Comments to “First Podcast attempt”

  1. well, i DID enjoy it! I like the timing of the “big wide open mouth” just before the curly noodles, then the “fat and happy” right after…a clever lad you are.

  2. oh, and the soundtrack was RIGHTEOUS!

  3. Sweet tunes! I gotta borrow that 8-track from you sometime!

  4. that’s funny you caught that aA wasn’t sure if it would translate since the image time is so long. did the very beginning of the music remind anyone of thriller??

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