We’ll miss you Dan…

by Kyle Smith

Please join me and my family as we pray for Becky, Heath, and Maegan Morrow. Their father/husband, Dan Morrow, passed away last night, Wednesday, September 19th. He collapsed while playing tennis with his son Heath, a friend of his from work, and my cousin Jeff. He was taken to the hospital but they were unable to revive him.

Dan was the definition of “great guy”. He was a people person, warm, and engaging. He made everyone he met feel like they were his best friend. My family along with about six other families join together every Christmas for a time of fellowship and prayer. When I was younger, I remember the first time I met him at one of our Christmas parties and I was immediately drawn to him. There was just a peace that came from him that made everyone in the room relax.

Dan recently returned from working many years overseas for the oil companies, and my heart breaks for his family as they finally had him home, only to lose him again so quickly. He was a faithful believer and follower of Jesus and shared his faith with others. I’m sure he is secure with Jesus. Please pray for peace, comfort, and assurance as his family faces the coming days.

3 Comments to “We’ll miss you Dan…”

  1. my sympathies extend to you, mr. smith, and to the family of this man whom you so glowingly described.

    folks say life isn’t always fair, but it seems that death is NEVER fair.

  2. I stumbled across this post when I was searching for my best childhood friend. Her name was Stacie Morrow. (I still can’t find her.) Dan was her dad. I remember when Heath was born. This is very sad. I loved this family. Even though it’s been so many years, my condolences to the Morrow family.

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