My foot…hurts

by Kyle Smith

Well last night was the final game for indoor soccer. It was the battle for the bottom. There were four teams in our division and us and the third ranked team were playing for third place. We started off with an early 3-0 lead. They brought it back within 1 making it 4-3, but that’s where it ended for them. We came back in the second half with fire, and came out on top 8-3. So we placed third out of four teams. The unfortunate thing is that I think I fractured my foot. I had an open shot and the goalie came out and instead of picking the ball up he decided to try and kick it away. Well if you know me it seems like my purpose in life is to be the one to get hurt and I didn’t want to let anyone down so I had to live up to my expectations.
So, I kicked the ball as hard as I could and the goalie did the same to block it except he didn’t connect with the ball only my foot. Needless to say, my foot is bruised and battered today. The good thing is it only hurts all the time! I can’t wait to drive long hours this weekend on it, it’ll be swell…
Well here’s the photo of the week of the place I surprisingly miss too much…

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