It’s gonna be a boy!

by Kyle Smith

The wife and I went to the docs yesterday and found out we’re having a baby boy!! We’re really excited and can’t wait for him to be here! His name will be Jackson Cole Smith.
The weekend was pretty boring…except when we called the cops b/c some jerk was beating his wife while driving down the road. We followed them to their house and she stayed in the car and he went inside. They didn’t know we were watching, well she did but he didn’t. We kept our distance and had the cops on the phone telling them what was happening.Within minutes two cops pulled up behind the car and brought the guy out of the house. They never asked to speak with us so I really don’t know what happened to the stand-up citizen, hopefully he got what he deserved. Well here’s my photo for the week…enjoy!

One Comment to “It’s gonna be a boy!”

  1. Congrats again! Personally I think you should name him Kyle 2 but Jackson is a pretty sweet name too. And you guys need to stop driving around looking for trouble… that or become bounty hunters.

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